School of Engineering Directory

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Name/Title Department Contact
Najafizadeh, Laleh
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering 848-445-0593
Computing Research and Education Building
CoRE 520
Najm, Husam S
Professor, Undergraduate Director
Civil and Environmental Engineering 848-445-7980
Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering
Nassif, Hani H A
Civil and Environmental Engineering 848-445-4414
Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering
Neimark, Alexander V
Distinguished Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 848-445-0834
Engineering Building
Nienaber, Antoinette (Annie)
Assistant Dean of Development
Development Office 848-445-2369
Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering
Norris, Andrew N
Distinguished Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 848-445-3818
Center for Advanced Energy Systems
Nosker, Thomas J
Asst Research Professor
Materials Science and Engineering 848-445-3631
Engineering Building