Research at Rutgers: My Story

Although there are plenty of opportunities within the School of Engineering, there are also many others across Rutgers where you can leverage your engineering skills in different areas to create an enriching interdisciplinary experience. In the summer after my freshman year, I participated in the Aresty Summer Science program, where I worked with a professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences. I used MATLAB (which I learned in Intro to Computers for Engineers, a required engineering course) to analyze global climate models to study the effect of climate change in certain areas.

Being able to work directly with a professor was such a cool experience--at first I thought it would be intimidating to come into a field not knowing much, but it turns out that professors are eager to share their extensive experience in their field with students, and have tons to teach! Also, having the engineering skills to be able to approach a problem, combined with the willingness and openness to learn, meant that I was qualified to conduct research. Additionally, alongside students in other research labs and departments in the Aresty program, I learned how to communicate research through abstracts, presentations, and more, culminating in a poster session at the end of the summer. After dedicating an entire summer to just this topic, I was so excited to be able to present my data and conclusions to others and share the same joy of research that I felt!

Conducting research at a large research university can seem like a daunting task, but remember that you are qualified and you can (and should) learn on the job! There are so many opportunities available to us here at Rutgers, and we should take them!

-Samantha, ECE '21