Engineering Honors Academy: Research Opportunities

Honors Academy students are challenged with accelerated courses and have the opportunity to participate in Rutgers' prestigious James J. Slade Scholars research program which culminates in a final presentation and an honors thesis. 

This option provides valuable experience to those students interested in a research-focused career. Participation includes independent research with faculty oversight and a thesis along with peer review sessions.

Students successfully completing the program which requires approval by the research committee receive a special honors certificate and recognition upon commencement.

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Student Research Projects

A sampling of research projects that Honors Academy students have contributed to include:

  • A targeted drug delivery system for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy
  • 3D Optical Imaging of Cancer Targeted Nanoparticles
  • Food Waste Minimization/Conversion
  • Lunar Structures
  • Assessing the Biofuel and Photosynthetic Capacity of Transgenic Microalgae
  • Increasing broadband for flutter-based wind energy harvesting device, using inflatable pneumatic actuators