Caps and Gowns: Buy your cap and gown at the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore, 100 Somerset Street, New Brunswick location ONLY at the beginning of March. Regalia will be sold during regular business hours through the morning of commencement at this location (please note if you wait until day of to purchase your regalia, you will not have a selection of sizes and they may NOT have your size). 

The Grad Fair will run 4/8/20 - 4/9/20 (10:00am - 6:00pm).  Regalia will not be sold at any of the other bookstores. Order your cap and gown by March 6, 2020, to have it shipped to the Bookstore for free in-store pickup. Pickup will be available April 8, 2019, through May 17, 2020. You may also order your cap & gown here by May 1, 2020, and have it shipped to your home. A shipping and handling charge of $15.95 will be applied.The Bookstore's website is:   

regalia1.jpg Fittings take place at the time of pickup. No pre-ordering is necessary. The charge of approximately $88.98 includes cap (black), gown (black with red panel down the middle, 1776 writing on tabs), tassel (red), Black cap, and hood (black outside, red inside, with orange trim). Red stands for Rutgers and orange for Engineering. Academic regalia must be worn by all participants in the ceremony.  NOTE: Be sure to indicate that you are a School of Engineering student (not SAS, as they have completely different regalia). Bring a copy of this webpage with you to avoid any errors at the bookstore.

Honors Cords and Graduating with Honors: In order to graduate with honors, high honors, or highest honors, your final cumulative gpa must be 3.200, 3.400, or 3.650 - respectively. At graduation, honors will be read based on your current cumulative gpa after your last fall semester grades. Your diploma will reflect the proper honors notation based on your final spring cumulative gpa. If you will graduate with 3.2 or above, we have gold cords to give you as a gift for your stellar performance. 

Other Regalia: Several student groups and organizations give their members cords, sashes, etc. Students may wear these items at their own discretion.