Paying Off College Expenses with Part Time On-Campus Jobs

College can be expensive. For a lot of students, it is fairly difficult to manage tuition and living expenses while attending college. However, if you are looking to optimize your finances, you can easily do so with a part-time job right here on the Rutgers campus.

If you are academically-driven and looking to leverage your good grades, tutoring is a great way to capitalize your knowledge and learning in specific courses. Rutgers School of Engineering offers tutoring opportunities for students looking to help their peers while also making money for teaching their topics of expertise. Private tutoring is another option which, for some, can be more flexible in terms of pay and scheduling.

Students with diverse interests can also explore a variety of job opportunities available on the sprawling Rutgers campus. For instance, the Animal Department at Rutgers employs students to work with their livestock at the Cook Farm. With this, students have the opportunity to take care of animals while learning alongside pre-vet students. 

Speaking of care, students looking to serve and help others can find jobs at the Office of Disability Services to help with proctoring and note taking for the disabled students. For those facing financially challenging circumstances, Rutgers Off-Campus Living and Community Partnership offers food pantry management jobs specifically for needful students. 

With an immense job pool right here on the Rutgers campus, students have a plethora of options to pay for their education and living expenses during their time here. It is only a matter of getting started! Check out our Rutgers Handshake job portal to explore part-time oncampus jobs for students: 

By: Bonnie