Passion in Your Career: Praveen's Story

Praveen is an Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science student who has a passion for application development. In high school he created an app which turned his school’s class web pages into an IOS port, which had not been done by the developers of this webpage application. In an attempt to catch the attention of a company he reached out to higher management, sat down with them, and landed an entire internship by showing off the product which he had developed. Not only was this one way that he showed off his technical prowess, but it helped build his confidence and gave him experience in formal presentations, and how to develop a product pitch.

While at Rutgers he had joined a club called Rutgers University Mobile Application Development where he came to learn more about app development. Through this organization he was able to apply and successfully get a position working for the University itself to create an app for Rutgers Day 2018. Not only did he have to navigate the wants and needs of the consumer and Rutgers University, he had to work together with another developer working on the Android application so that they would have something concise and consistent across both platforms. This was a new and interesting process for him, forcing him to adapt and be able to make compromises.