Minor Declaration (for SoE)

SOE Students can declare (or undeclare) their minor in the webform below. The best time for students to declare is sophomore or junior year. 1st Year students are not able to declare a minor until sophomore year. 

Business Admin minors, STOP HERE: Students pursuing a Business Administration minor must apply for the minor through RBS: http://myrbs.business.rutgers.edu/undergraduate-new-brunswick/business-administration-minor-application.

For all other minors: After submission, a a dean will review your submission and will post the minor to your record. It will take 1-5 business days to see the minor in Degree Navigator. In the beginning of the final semester, students must also complete a Certification of Minor form (signed by the Minor Department). The Certification form is required for the minor to be posted to your transcript along wtih your degree as 'completed'. 

Enter the year you will graduate (1st year students cannot declare a minor)
Add or Delete the minor?
Enter the 3 digit code for the Minor department. Ex. Math is 640.
Enter the name of the Minor. Example: Math
Most departments to NOT accept grades of PASS towards minor completion. It is the student's responsibility to confirm this with the minor department. Please initial indicating that you understand this.
The student is expected to see the departmental adviser of the minor for selection of courses. SoE cannot assist in advising for the minor. Please initial that you understand this.
At the beginning of the final semester before graduation, student must fill out a Certification of Minor Form, take it to the minor department for verification and signature. Please initial that you understand this.
Minors appear on the transcript only, not on the diploma. Please initial indicating that you understand this.
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