Requirements for Graduation

Academic requirements: Students have to fulfill specific gpa and curricular requirements for graduation. Please check Degree Navigator for accuracy and contact the Office of Academic Services with any questions. After reviewing Degree Navigator in its entirety for accuracy and completeness, post any discrepancies in our DN Update Form. Seniors must also review and complete an online Graduation Check-List (in the beginning of the senior-fall semester for most students) via Sakai, SOE Class of 2019, Tests/Quizzes.If you feel your graduation date is wrong, please submit a request to have your graduation date changed

Permanent Mailing Address:  Please update your permanent mailing address prior to graduation at Once you graduate and/or are not taking courses at RU, you may not be able to access the site.  The information in the Diploma Application and your Permanent address will be used in the printing and mailing of your diploma.

Diploma application:  Students MUST complete the online Diploma Application by April 1st to have their correct information at the graduation ceremony. Diploma Application: Filling out this form does not take place of verifying that you are on track to graduate. Failure to complete the Diploma Application will result in a delay in degree posting. 

Once OAS has reviewed seniors' files in the final semester, comments will be posted in the Diploma Application for each student so that students know their status. See the sample Dean Messages in the image below. After the final semester grades are posted, we will review student records for completion of the degree. At that time, we will update the messaging in the Diploma Application from "on track for May" to "May graduate". Once we have reviewed student records as complete, we will communicate this information to the Registrar who will in turn post the degree completion to the transcript. The Diploma Application will say 'PENDING' under Dean Review until we complete our entire graduation review process. This is normal and unchangeable. 


Degree Verification and Transcripts: Once the degree is posted to the transcript, the official transcript noting the completed degree, can be ordered from the Registrar. The Registrar will handle diploma distribution (in the way indicated on the Diploma Application). Note, all holds (see holds below) must be cleared before a transcript or diploma can be issued.  

Rutgers University, Office of the Registrar, 65 Davidson Road, ASB-200B,Piscataway, NJ 08854-8096 - Telephone: (848) 445-7000 - Internet:  - Email:

Graduation dates: Although there is only one graduation ceremony in May, there are three possible times each year to complete your degree requirements at Rutgers School of Engineering. January 2019, May 2019, and August 2019, grads are automatically included in the May ceremony*. Those finishing in Fall 2019 (ie. grad date of January 2020 would be included in the May 2020 ceremony unless they apply for special consideration as a 2019-Marcher below).

  • May Grads: Students who complete their degree requirements in the spring semester have a May graduation date. Students who have any grades or transcripts submitted after June 15th will NOT be processed as a May graduate (except for students on co-op or study abroad in the final semester). In this case, see August graduation information below.
  • August Grads: Students who complete their degree requirements in the summer session have an August graduation date. Students who have any grades or transcripts submitted after August 30th will NOT be processed as a August graduate (except for students on co-op or study abroad in the final semester), see January graduation below. *August grads are automatically included in the preceding May graduation ceremony provided you have registered and paid for the summer classes by April 1st.
  • January Grads: Students who complete their degree requirements in the fall semester or winter session have a January graduation date. Students who have any grades or transcripts submitted after January 31st will NOT be processed as a January graduate (except for students on co-op or study abroad in the final semester), see May graduation above.
  • The official graduation dates for this cycle are:
    • Jan 21, 2019 (the day before spring classes) 
    • May 17, 2019 (the day of the graduation ceremony)
    • August 31, 2019 (the last day in August). 

Diplomas: At graduation, when you walk across the stage, you will be handed a certificate. The actual diploma is mailed from the Registrar at another time. The mailing address is based on the information you provide in the Diploma Application.  All students must complete a Diploma Application and update the permanent mailing address so that the diploma lists your name correctly and is mailed to the appropriate place.  After all requirements have been completed and all grades, transcripts, etc. have been received and processed, the SoE will have the Registrar post your degree on the RU transcript in June for May grads. Diplomas will be distributed by the Registrar soon thereafter (in July for May grads, in October for August grads, in March for January grads).  For more questions about the distribution of diplomas, contact

Ceremony Info: Invitations, Cap/Gown, Honors Cords, Parking, etc.

Honors: At the May graduation ceremony, students will have honors designations announced based on their cumulative gpa by April 1st. This will not include spring grades. This is because our records used at the ceremony must be processed well before the end of the spring semester. The diploma and transcript will include the final honors designation including grades from the final semester. The honors designation on the transcript and diploma will be the latin terms (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude). More Honors Information 

Marching*: If you will NOT complete all degree requirements by the end of summer, but have ONE class left for the fall semester, it may still be possible to participate in the May graduation ceremony as a MARCHER. Marchers wear cap and gown, go up on stage, and receive a certificate (just like the actual graduates do). In order to be eligible to participate in graduation as a MARCHER, you must submit a Permission to March application and you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • No more than 9cr (or 3 courses) remaining after SPRING semester, and 
  • No more than 3cr (or 1 course) out of the 9cr taken in the fall semeser, and 
  • 2.0+ cumulative gpa and major gpa at the time the application is submitted. 
  • All summer courses must be registered and paid by April 1st. 

Permission to March Application can be submitted between spring break and April 1st to have your name appear in the program. 

3cr in summer and 4cr (class+ lab) in fall --> acceptable for marching. 
7cr in summer (includes a lab), and 3cr in fall --> acceptable for marching.
9cr in summer, and 3cr in fall --> unacceptable, CANNOT march this year. 
6cr in summer, and 6cr in fall --> unacceptable, CANNOT march this year. 

*Note:  Beginning in 2018, January 2018, tentative May 2018, and tentative August 2018 grads will be automatically included in the May graduation ceremony (ie. do NOT submit a Permission to March application). If you have any courses to take next spring, you cannot march this year.

Taking courses after graduation: Once all requirements for the B.S. degree have been met, the student graduates. This is non-negotiable. The graduation date cannot be arbitrarily changed. Students can take courses after graduating as a non-matriculated student. As a non-matric, grades do not count in the gpa. 

Holds: It is your responsibility to check whether you have a hold on your account for any reason. If you have a hold, you will NOT receive your diploma. You may check with the Registrar, ASB, Busch (848-445-7000) prior to May 1st to find out if there is a hold against your name. No amount is too small for your diploma to be withheld: unpaid parking tickets, a library book, immunization, unpaid tuition or fees. CLEAR ALL HOLDS NOW!!

Grade Changes/Transfer Credits: Grade changes and awards of transfer credits for semesters other than the Spring semester must be submitted by May 1st in order to be processed in time for graduation. Students who have any grades or transcripts submitted after June 15th will NOT be processed as a May graduate (except for students on co-op or study abroad in the final semester). If you anticipate any delays, you should contact a Dean in B100 by email or in person during office hours.

Minors and Second Majors: If you have completed or will be completing a minor or second major (non-engineering major), you MUST fill out a Certification of Minor/Major form in order to get credit for the minor (ie post the major/minor on your transcript). Minors and second majors appear on the transcript only, not on the diploma. There are no other certificates or methods of recognition for minors/double majors other than the transcript and whatever you choose to post on your resume.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO SENIORS: Past experience indicates that there will be many seniors who, for some reason or another, will not complete all of your degree requirements as scheduled. I want you to understand now that if there are any problems with the actual completion of your degree which would prevent inclusion of your name on the official graduation list, there will be a message for you in the Diploma application the week after graduation. Since diplomas are no longer given out at graduation, the main issue is to complete the requirement for the official receipt of degree/diploma.  If you should receive an email or message, respond to the Office of Academic Services) to correct the problem, or confirm deferring your graduation date to August or later.