Ceremony Information

SoE Graduation Convocation

While we look forward to an in-person event, we are pleased to announce that on Friday, June 5 at 10:00am, the School of Engineering will launch a virtual celebration website for you and your family. The site will include a personalized slide for each of our graduates. You will be able to upload a photo and personal message, and hear your name called when you click on your slide. You will also be able to search for your friends and members of your department. The School of Engineering will also provide a graduation program online that will include the names of all the members of the Class of 2020.

*Note: Graduate students have a separate ceremony through the Graduate School of New Brunswick.

Checklist #8A: Student Shout Outs

Students can record a special message that will be played graduation day: http://commencement.rutgers.edu/steps-to-commencement#step6

Checklist #8B: Announcements

Each student can download a Digital Announcement. NOTE: these are just announcements to the SOE ceremony, NOT tickets. No tickets required. There is no limit on the number of guests on Friday at the RAC. For questions about Univesity Commencement on Sunday in the stadium, see commencement.rutgers.edu.

Checklist #8C: Guests coming from another country

If students have a guest coming from abroad and they require an invitation from Rutgers for visa/travel purposes, please email Dean Prendergast (Lprend@rutgers.edu) with the information needed for the letter. In most cases, the guest's name and home address is provided.

Checklist #8D: Honors Cords

For students with a 3.2+ Cgpa as of April 1st, a single strand orange cord will be available for pick up from B100 (4/15/20-5/14/20). SOE is giving them to you for FREE. Honors announced at the ceremony do NOT include spring grades (there is no time to confirm spring grades before the ceremony). Your diploma and transcript will have the final honors including spring grades. More Honors information.

Checklist #8E: Regalia

There are a few ways to purchase Regalia:

  • Order and ship to store: No longer available at this moment.
  • Order and ship to student: Order your cap and gown and have it shipped to you. A shipping and handling charge of $15.95 will be applied.
  • Starting 4/8/20, regalia can be purchased at Barnes & Noble  located at 100 Somerset Street, Regalia is still available for purchase in these unudual circumstances.
  • NO Regalia sold on day of graduation at the RAC or Stadium.
Checklist #8F: Parking

Parking Information for SOE Convocation

Checklist #8G: Security Check

There will be a security check at the Louis Brown Athletic Center - ATTENTION: NO BALLOONS ARE ALLOWED IN THE LOUIS BROWN ATHLETIC CENTER

Checklist #8H: Handicap Seating

Special Needs Seating Information at the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC): Upon arrival at the stadium and/or RAC, limited handicapped seating is available. This section is on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one family member may sit in the special needs area.

For questions related to special needs parking at University Commencement on May 17th, please contact 848-932-2469.

Hearing Impaired: an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will be provided at the Engineering Convocation on Friday May 15th only if you contact us at 848 445-8535. For the University Commencement TBD an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will be provided. For questions related to special-needs accommodations at University Commencement, contact us at 848-932-2469.

Service Animals: Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are allowed at the ceremony. All other animals are prohibited from the School of Engineering Convocation and the University Commencement. Visit the ADA website for details.

Checklist #8I: Indoor and Off-Site Viewing Options

Indoor and Off-Site Viewing Options: Take advantage of these indoor viewing options for both University Commencement and the School of Engineering Convocation: Live Streaming Webcast: View University Commencement online from this website and Engineering Convocation. A high-speed internet connection, such as cable or fiber optic network, is recommended.

Indoor Viewing at Student Centers: Watch University Commencement from the comfort of indoor viewing rooms at the Busch Student Center, Livingston Student Center, or College Avenue Student Center. Situated indoors, guests can enjoy watching a live stream of University Commencement in the comfort of air conditioning and cushioned seats, and remain out of the sun and weather. Restrooms and limited concessions will be open. Curbside drop-off to any of these student centers is available as well. No tickets are required, and seating is general admission.

Checklist #8J: Programs

Programs for parents and guests will be available as they arrive prior to the start of the ceremony. Graduates will have programs at their seats.

Checklist #8K: Diplomas at graduation

At graduation, when you walk across the stage, you will be handed a certificate. The actual diploma is mailed from the Registrar. More diploma info.

Checklist #8L: Pictures

At graduation a professional photographer, GradImages, will take pictures as the graduates walk across the stage and another in front of a backdrop. Pre-register with Grad Images.
**Prior to the ceremony, from TBD (see Award Ceremonies, Step M below), photographers with GradImages will be available at Richard Weeks Hall to take pictures with graduates and family members. These photographers will be wearing RED VESTS for easy recognition. The images they capture after the ceremony will be available online along with the images they capture of each graduate during the ceremony.**

Checklist #8M: Departmental Award Ceremonies & Senior Sendoff Celebrations

Departmental Award Ceremonies & Senior Sendoff Celebrations - Graduates will receive an electronic invitation to the day's festivities TBD at Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering. Please go HERE for parking details.

Checklist #8N: Parent FAQ's - Tips for planning your day

Where to park, directions to campus, seating information, eateries in the neighborhood, where and how to preorder flowers and pick up on campus day off or order a commemorative T-shirt, all you should know for the day.

Note: For celebratory dinners after the Convocation it is suggested that dinner reservations be made for 7:00pm but 6:30pm could work also (Convocation ceremony ideally should be over by 5:30pm)

Checklist #8O: University Commencement

University Commencement (the ceremony for all students at RU) is on TBD at 10am. At this ceremony graduates from all schools and all campuses come together in a culminating celebration where the president of the university confers all degrees. More information about University Commencement. If attending University Commencement graduates must wear their regalia, arrive by 9am and head to the marshaling area, in the south end of the stadium.

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