Pass/No-Credit Sp/Su20 due to COVID-19

Click here for University Policies for Spring/Summer 2020 due to COVID-19

Spring/Summer 2020 Pass/No-Credit (P/NC) Information due to COVID-19

Sp/Su20 P/NC due to COVID-19
  • Sp/Su20 P/NC is completely separate from the standard 2 allowable P/NC. No matter how many P/NC's you have used already, Sp20 P/NC is not part of the 2 standard P/NC.
  • Sp/Su P/NC applies to ANY or ALL Sp20 courses (major courses, required courses, electives, graduate courses, etc), unlike Standard P/NC which has different course and date restrictions. For students planning on going to graduate school you may not elect P/NC. 
  • Sp/Su P/NC is available until May 22, 2020 (which is after grades are available). We recommend students wait to know their grades before submitting P/NC. 
  • Sp/Su P/NC applies to honors courses and honors requirements at the SoE.
  • All Su20 courses at RU-NB are either fully online or through remote instruction.  The University will make a decision soon on whether the P/NC option applies to Summer 2020.
Graduation, Transferring, Grade Replacement, Dean's List, Graduate School
  • Graduation: Any Sp/Su220 course with a PASS grade will count towards undergraduate programs requirements (minor, major, degrees). For Graduate Programs, contact the Graduate Program Director before making this decision.
  • Graduation: Any Sp/Su20 course with a NOCR grade will not count towards programs requirements (minor, major, degrees). NOCR is equivalent to a FAILURE, but without GPA impact.
  • Grade Replacement: Retaking a prior course with a grade of F or D with a Sp/Su20 P/NC course will remove the prior F/D grade using our current policy on repeating courses. The net impact on the GPA is removing the F/D grade.
  • Transferring: Sp/Su20 PASS grades will meet the school-to-school transfer requirements. You must also meet any other STS gpa requirements as listed on the STS website
  • Dean's list: you need 12cr+ of regular letter grades (A, B+, etc.). Example: If you are taking 14cr and make a 3cr class P/NC, you are not eligible for Dean's List.
  • Grad School: If you are going to graduate school at RU (accelerated MS, MS, PhD, etc), all graduate coursework must have a regular letter grade (A, B+, etc). Graduate couses with a PASS or NOCR grade will not be accepted.

Standard Pass/No-Credit Information  

How does Pass/No-credit work?

Pass/No-Credit (also known as P/NC or PASS/NOCR): The student requests P/NC for a course. The student and instructor complete the course and grading as normal. The instructor is never informed of the student’s request. The instructor submits regular letter grades A through F. Grades of C or higher are converted into a grade of PASS. Grades of D or F are converted into NOCR. P/NC is not reversible.

More about Pass/No-credit grading.
  • Grades of C or higher are converted into PASS. Grades of D/F are converted into No-Credit.
  • A grade of PASS (C or better) satisfies Prereqs and counts towards passing a class for a minor, major, degree.
  • A grade of NOCR (D or F) does NOT satisfy Prereqs. NOCR does not satisfy the requirement. NOCR is equivalent to failing a class without impact on the GPA.
  • D grades and Pass/No-Credit – BE CAREFUL HERE: If you earn a D, normally this satisfies a requirement and pre-req. BUT, if you make a class P/NC and you earn a D, this will be a NOCR (like a failure). It will not satisfy a requirement, nor a pre-req.  
  • If you earn a D and need it to graduate this May, do NOT make it P/NC, or you won't graduate.

Apply for Pass/No-credit

  • Spring 2020 Pass/Nocr application portal:  . Deadline extended to May 26, 2020 11:59pm.
  • Summer 2020 Pass/Nocr application portal: Deadline August 21, 2020 11:59pm.
  • If you need to make any changes to pass/nocr, go back into the system and check/uncheck the box next to the course by the deadline.
  • Pass/Nocr will be visible on your transcript by August 27, 2020.