Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is a diverse field with many opportunities that can satisfy a student’s unique interests and launch successful careers. Discovering all that engineering has to offer is an important part of the first-year engineering program at Rutgers. 
All first-year students are required to take a lecture style introduction to engineering course designed to teach students about the different engineering majors. In presentations by faculty members, students have the opportunity to explore fields of engineering that may be new to them or not as widely known. You will be exposed to research opportunities, career possibilities, and coursework that will challenge and engage.



Introduction to Engineering (440:100)

  • REMINDER: Each student is REQUIRED to complete this course during their first year.  
  • SUGGESTION: If you did NOT take the course during the Fall semester, you MUST register for the course for the upcoming Spring semester if it is offered.
  • Students are only allowed one absence in the course.

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