Not Too Far From Home

Katrina ENG'23 | Biomedical Engineering

Out of the 500 students from my high school class, I only knew one person who was attending Rutgers. I had heard about Rutgers from some of my cousins who attended although I had always thought I would want to travel farther from my hometown in New York. It was not until I embarked on college visits across the United States that I realized New Jersey was the perfect distance where I could gain some independence, but also have the comfort of knowing my family was always a day visit or facetime call away.

Moving to campus, I chose to room with another out-of-state student in my housing application and happened to meet not only one of my best friends today but another future engineer who shared similar classes with me. Not having a group of friends from high school to socialize with, my roommate and I spent a lot of time together and gradually found that not everyone was from New Jersey as I met students from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds.

While I discovered so many places in New Jersey, I would also point out the best spots to visit in New York during our city trips and class field trips. From taking classes to looking for engineering industry experience, Rutgers University is surrounded by a multitude of engineering companies just down the road such as Colgate-Palmolive, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck, and many more.

This fall semester I had the opportunity to do a co-op with Johnson & Johnson working on skincare products in which the laboratory site was a short drive away from my on-campus apartment.
Moreover, this convenience allowed me to balance a full-time working schedule and take classes.

Not only did Rutgers' location offer me flexibility in my daily lifestyle and career opportunities, but I was able to socialize with and learn about a whole new community that was right under my nose!