Martin Yarmush and Collegues Receive NSF Cyber-Enabled Discovery & Innovation Grant

Professor Martin Yarmush and collegues at Texas A&M (Juergen Hahn, PI; Arul Jayaraman, co-PI; and Carl Laird, co-PI) have been awarded a 4 year, $1.48 M, high-profile, NSF award entitled, Extracting Population and Stochastic Effects on Signaling Activity from Transcription Factor Profiles. The project is focused on the development of a new computational framework that will enable investigators to partition stochastic and cell population effects with the  ultimate goal of developing improved models of signal transduction pathways. The Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) program is NSF's bold five-year initiative to create revolutionary science and engineering research outcomes made possible by innovations and advances in computational thinking. CDI research outcomes are expected to produce paradigm shifts in our understanding of a wide range of science and engineering phenomena and socio-technical innovations that create new wealth and enhance the national quality of life.