Mechanical Engineering Alumna Inducted into Rutgers Athletics Hall of Fame

School of Engineering alumna Erin McIntyre was inducted into the 2017 Rutgers University Division of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame on October 21 for her achievements as an exceptional swimmer and scholar during her undergraduate career.

The first Rutgers athlete to qualify for the NCAA Women's Swimming Championships and a 2002 All-American, McIntyre set records that stand to this day. Equally impressive was her ability to combine elite college athleticism while also pursuing an engineering degree.

McIntyre chose to attend Rutgers for its academic reputation, and she excelled as an engineering student— graduating summa cum laude in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in mathematics.

She conducted her senior research project on the velocity profile in streamline swimming, advised by Department of Biomedical Engineering Distinguished Professor Noshir Langrana and former Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Timothy Wei.

In 2003, McIntyre was named a Tau Beta Pi Laureate for excellence in engineering and athletics.

After graduating from Rutgers, McIntyre went on to pursue her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan before joining the physician’s assistant program at George Washington University. She now works as a physician's assistant in the Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of Colorado-Denver.