Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Colloquium

November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
Speaker: David Livingston, Ph.D.
                  University of North Dakota      
Title: The New Space Commercial Space Industry: Success or Pending Success
Location: Easton Hub Auditorium
                  Fiber Optics Building
Time:  3:30 p.m.

Abstract: Much has been said and reported on the changes that have taken place in the commercial space industry for nearly a decade. My talk will differentiate between the traditional commercial space industry and the developing and emerging commercial space industry known as the NewSpace Industry. Part of my talk will focus on the careful use of identifying terms that characterize the changers in the broader commercial space industry. In addition, my talk will break the emerging industry into key segments such as the developing launch industry and the major areas of concern for the industry, including Earth imaging and more. We will also look at overall commercial markets, the market for the services being developed, the nature of the customer base (i.e. government or commercial customers), and financing and investment changes and concerns over recent years. We will look at successful businesses, the type and nature of their success (merger, cash flow, operational profits, etc.), and the trends developing for this industry for the foreseeable future. Economic, market, policy and regulatory issues will be highlighted as we look to the future for this exciting and very new part of our long standing U.S. commercial space industry.

Bio: Dr. David Livingston is the founder and host of The Space Show® ( In the nearly 17 years and 3,000 interviews, its the nation’s only talk radio program focused exclusively on space commerce, space tourism, and facilitating our becoming a space-fairing economy and society. Dr. Livingston is also the Executive Director of the One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc. (OGLF), the 501(C)3 that controls The Space Show. OGLF strives to promote space education. Dr. Livingston is an Adjunct Professor of Space Studies in the Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota. He teaches graduate classes on commercial space. Livingston has a BA in Political Science, an MBA specializing in International Business Management, and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). His 2001 dissertation was titled Outer Space Commerce:  Its History and Prospects. Dr. Livingston did his graduate and post graduate work at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. Livingston is a frequent speaker at space conferences, he has published more than 50 papers including chapters in books. For example, he authored the Space Tourism chapter in the Space Encyclopedia and co-authored three business and financial chapters in the New SMAD Textbook, Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD. David has lectured at several universities and has been a guest on many national radio programs in the U.S. and throughout Europe. In addition, Dr. Livingston does a weekly segment on the John Batchelor Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. Lastly, Dr. Livingston is frequently interviewed by authors writing books on space development, commerce, and policy. When not teaching, broadcasting, writing, or just playing, Livingston is a business consultant working with clients on business, financial and strategic planning relevant to commercial space development along with other areas of concern. 

For additional information, please contact Professor Aaron Mazzeo at or 848-445-0504.