Materials Science and Engineering Seminar

September 19, 2017
September 19, 2017
Speaker: Mathieu Hubert, Ph.D.
                 Corning, Incorporated 
Title: Where Does Glass Come From?  
Time: 12:10 pm

Abstract: Glass is found everywhere in our everyday life, and has been manufactured by man for millennia. After a brief introduction on where glass is found around us – especially in unexpected or less known applications, the general principle of glass making will be presented. The history of glass making will be explored, looking at its evolution throughout the years and the major breakthroughs that brought us to the current industry. Then, the presentation will take a closer look at industrial glass melters – the different parts of a melter and the considerations/challenges faced at every step of the process. Finally, the role of Corning in the glass industry – past, present and future – will be presented.

Bio: Mathieu Hubert obtained a PhD from the University of Rennes 1 (France) and University of Arizona (USA) in 2012. His doctoral work focused on the development of new synthesis methods for chalcogenide glasses and glass-ceramics, as well as rare-earth doping of these materials. In 2013, he joined the company CelSian Glass & Solar (Netherlands) as Glass Technologist / Glass Scientist. His role included contract R&D and consulting for the glass industry, including glass producers, raw materials suppliers, and furnace and equipment suppliers worldwid. He was also part of the teaching and organization team for CelSian‘s Glass Technology Course.

Since October 2016, he joined Corning Inc. (USA) as Sr. Glass Development Scientist, Corning Glass Technologies. His responsibilities include the development of new glasses, glass-ceramics, related process technologies and their transfer to Manufacturing.

Mathieu Hubert is a member of the ICG technical committees TC18 (Melting) and TC23 (Education), and part of the ICG Young Professional Committee for youth outreach actions.

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