Rutgers Alumna Named Among Most Powerful Female Engineers

In recognition of National Engineers Week, Business Insider recognizes 43 powerful female engineers who are "leading important tech teams at important companies...and building cool cutting-edge technologies at startups." Among the developers, designers, engineering directors, bio scientists, nuclear scientists, and rocket scientists celebrated includes School of Engineering alumna Reates Curry. 

Ranked fourth among women engineers, Curry is a technical expert and human factors specialist at Ford Motor Company. She is a two-time winner of the prestigious Henry Ford Technology Award for her work as part of the team that designed VIRTTEX and for her contributions in the development of a new technology called the driver Workload Estimator (WLE). This technology takes information like speed, acceleration, current states such as if windshield wipers are on and predicts whether the driver is in a high workload situation that demands a high level of driver attention. If, for example, a call comes in while a driver is in a high workload situation, the WLE will send the call directly to voicemail to avoid distraction.

Curry holds a doctoral degree from Rutgers in biomedical engineering. 

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