Robert W. Beardsley

AIS Donor
President, Cypress E&P Corporation
Class of 1968 Chem Engineering

“Rutgers helping Rutgers”

Your time is at a premium, so you need to be “picky” about how you spend your “spare time”.  I have previously shared a few items that I have found useful.  Today I will share a new one – the Seth Godin blog:

You may well be aware of Seth Godin.  Seth is a book writer and in many ways a leader in the current communications revolution involving internet based methods.  Seth has a daily blog, typically short and often thought provoking.  I have listened to several interviews with Seth, but this one covers more topics, many of which may be of interest to you.  Listen to the beginning of the interview for Seth’s answer to the questions “What should I do with the rest of my life?” and “How do I find my passion?”  I hope you will follow his lead and “jump on the carouse”!

As always, any updates on progress in your life, may it be an internship, co-op, graduate education, or career, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if there is anything I or other alumni can do to help you.  

The true value of the AIS experience is to help everyone become more successful by helping each other, so share your experiences for the benefit of others; it is “guaranteed” to make you feel GREAT! As always, the LinkedIn Group for AIS is open and a great tool to connect with alumni and each other.