Meet the Council

President: Allan WANG

Hey everyone! My name is Allan Wang I am a junior studying Chemical and Biochemical engineering with a minor in biological sciences.  In addition to REHC, I am also a member of Engineers Without Borders and a Scarlet Ambassador. I enjoy watching and playing basketball, lifting, and reading.

External Vice President: Tiffany YUEN

My name is Tiffany Yuen and I am a sophomore studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Minor in Business Administration. I love traveling and learning about different cultures (as well as eating their food!). This summer, I studied abroad at Pforzheim University in Germany as part of the Engineers Made in Germany program.

Internal Vice President: Jessica TUAZON

My name is Jessica Tuazon and I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am also the Secretary for RUSA. Fun Fact: I'm a world champion in color guard. (The proof is in the picture.)

Treasurer: Kaushal PARIKH

Brrrt skrt skrt skrt skrt burrr. Kaushal Parikh, checkin’ in. Class of 2020, ay. CE/CS, ay. FMP, ay. I dabble in rap, comedy, and three point shooting (career 60%), ay. Rep that scarlet and white, for the culture. The young savage below is trappin’ too hard.

Public Relations Chair: Atmika PONNUSAMY

Hello! My name is Atmika Ponnusamy and I am an aspiring Electrical and Computer Engineer in the Honors Engineering Academy. During my free time you'll probably find me doing yoga or playing the ukulele. The best part of being a student here at Rutgers is the amazing community of students and faculty, and I am so excited to be given this opportunity to help make it an even better place!

Industry Mentorship Program Chair Co-Chair: Aditya VERMA

My name is Aditya Verma and I am the Industry Mentorship Program Chair for REHC. I am a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. My favourite things in the world are Football ('soccer') and Physics. Fun Fact: I am the first ever International student in the Honors Academy. Here is a picture of me lifting 250 pounds.

Industry Mentorship Program Chair Co-Chair: Sagar Shah

My name is Sagar Shah and I am a junior studying Computer Engineering with minors in Computer Science, Political Science, and Critical Intelligence. I am also involved in Engineers without Borders and Engineering Governing Council at Rutgers. If I find free time, I enjoy traveling, playing just about any sport (intramural or for fun), working out, listening to music, and going on random adventures.
Industry Mentorship Program Chair Co-Chair: Jahaan Turkhud

My name is Jahaan Turkhud and I am one of the Industry Mentorship Program Chairs for REHC. I'm a junior studying Mechanical Engineering with a double minor in Economics and Statistics. I'm also very active in the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, which organizes Model United Nations conferences and events for high school students. I love playing basketball and reading about physics. The balloon hat was 15-feet tall, and took 20 minutes to make. Absolutely worth it.

First Year Mentorship Program Co-Chair: JP EDRALIN

Hey guys, my name is JP Edralin and I am majoring in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.  On campus, I am involved in Engineers Without Borders - Camden and RHA for the Honors College. When I'm out of the classroom, you can catch me doing all kinds of sports; I love to run, play soccer, and play basketball, and I even play on the intramural teams.

First Year Mentorship Program Co-Chair: Angela Yao

Hi! My name is Angela Yao, and I am a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering and am a member of the Honors Academy. I love Rutgers and all it has to offer and can't wait to help add to that for other students. I am also involved with Engineers Without Borders and I love playing piano, hiking, and exploring!


Tutoring Co-Chair: Jasmine PHILIP

Hello! My name is Jasmine Philip and I am studying Materials Science and Engineering and Computer Science. I love traveling (but get extremely motion sick), cheese (but I’m lactose intolerant), almost every type of music, and reading Harry Potter innumerable times. 

Tutoring Co-Chair: Aasvi SHAH

Hi everyone! I’m Aasvi Shah and I’m a freshman studying mechanical engineering with a minor in music and a possible minor in psychology. My favorite things are music and dance. Fun fact: I’m on a dance team at Rutgers!

Outreach Chair: Matthew SIGNORELLI

Hi, my name is Matt Signorelli and I am in the Honors College studying Materials Science and Engineering and I'm planning to double major in Computer Science here at Rutgers. Last fall I joined the Men's Crew team as a novice and have been with the team since. On my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, bike-riding, being outdoors, listening to music and anything else exciting/adventurous. Some other random interesting things about me: I'm an identical twin, I hold 7 hours of flight time towards obtaining a private pilot license, and puppies are my weak spot  (though this cat here was pretty awesome too).

Keynote Chair: John YAGER

Hello friends! I'm John Yager, and I'm majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Math, and am also involved on campus as an HC Ambassador and through A2E. I enjoy watching sports, playing basketball, and playing the saxophone, but most of the time you can just find me watching The Office.