Pritzker Distinguished Lecturer: "Find Your Passion and See it Through"

Martin L. Yarmush's Brooklyn roots imprinted qualities onto him like fighting for the underdog, good instincts and the desire to start new work that is solid and lasts, he said at the BMES Annual Meeting during his Pritzker Distinguished Lecturer talk.

That background led to an extremely varied career, he told meeting attendees.

Yarmush is an internationally recognized bioeningeer and translational scientist whose laboratory has been a pioneer and leader in multiple fields including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, applied immunology and biotechnology, BioMEMs and nanotechnology, and metabolic engineering and functional genomics.

One of Yarmush's many endeavors is VenousPro, a medical device that safely, accurately and consistently draws blood or delivers intravenous fluids. The product uses Infrared and ultrasound imaging to select suitable target insertion sites. With real-time guidance from the imaging system, the needle is robotically inserted into the vein at the target site.

The diversity of Yarmush's career is partly due to his passion for basic research, applied research and basic inspired research. His advice for young investigators was to focus on finding their passions.

"Find something you love and see it through," he said.

The Pritzker Distinguished Lectureship Award is awarded each year to recognize an individual's outstanding achievements and leadership in the science and practice of biomedical engineering. The award recipient is expected to deliver a plenary lecture at the Annual Meeting in the fall and publish the text of the lecture in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering. A very important purpose of the lecture is to critically review a field of biomedical engineering and offer a vision of its future.