Materials Science and Engineering Professor Honored for Achievements

Dr. Lisa Klein was honored by Rutgers University, receiving the Human Dignity Award for her work in encouraging minorities, women, and otherwise disadvantaged groups to pursue their goals. She has dedicated her life to creating a more inclusive environment for these underrepresented groups. The Human Dignity Award recognizes her extraordinary efforts to increase diversity both in academia and in the workforce. 
Klein, a distinguished professor at the university, was the first female faculty member to join the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers and has contributed greatly to the field. Her most noteworthy achievement is a manually dimmable window coating, which helps save energy by controlling how much heat and light goes through a window. This invention is more energy efficient than most current methods of reducing light – blinds, curtains, or window tints. As president of the American Association of University Professors at Rutgers, she also helps lead efforts to increase the number of faculty members on a tenure track
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Photo: from left, Dr. Nathalie Batmanian, Director of the Office for Women in Science and Dr. Lisa Klein.