No Regrets Choosing Rutgers!

Hi! I am Meghan and I am an out of state student! My hometown is Gaithersburg, Maryland and I have no regrets choosing Rutgers. I am a junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. On campus, I am the President of Phi Sigma Rho, the national engineering sorority, a school of engineering mentor, and play Quidditch! There are so many great reasons why Rutgers is my home away from home, but the top 3 include its location, the resources, and the people!

I am a super active person so I knew that I needed a school that would keep me busy! At home, I love to explore DC and try local eats and Rutgers can compete with that. At my time at Rutgers, I have taken so many adventures. It helps that I am just one train ride away from New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton, and so many other cities! Not only this, but Easton Avenue on the College Ave Campus has many restaurants so I can get whatever I am craving. I love taking day trips to cities, the beach or to the mountains. Rutgers is in a centralized location to keep you active off or on campus! 

Additionally, Rutgers is a large school with unbelievable resources. Because we are a Big 10 school, we have great athletic centers full of my favorite workout classes (which are free for students), and we are a part of the Big 10 library network system. This means if our libraries don’t have a book I need, but another Big 10 school does, they can send it over with no cost! We also have high tech research labs with opportunities for all students. In one of my classes this semester, my team and I programmed a robotic arm! Personally, one of my favorite resources on campus is a hidden gem. It is called the Makerspace; the Makerspace is a collaborative space for students to create what they want! They are equipped with a variety of resources from embroidery machines to 3D printers to poster printers. Last year, I made my friends personalized engraved glass mugs for the holidays and all I had to do was bring the glasses!

Wherever you go, people are the ones who make or break your experience, and the people at Rutgers are the best. Rutgers engineering is an extremely collaborative environment with a team attitude. In my experience, I have been a part of many student-run and organized study groups to help us thrive in our classes. Also, Rutgers clubs can help you to find your niche. Because Rutgers is so large, the clubs help keep you grounded and quickly connect you to like-minded individuals. There are clubs for everything! From the seeing eye dog club, to Greek life, to the Society of Women in Engineering, to an out of state student organization, you are able to find your home away from home.