No Regrets Choosing Rutgers

Like many other New Jersey natives, I always considered Rutgers a viable choice for my undergrad. It was a school that I passed by several times but wasn’t familiar with until after I  applied to colleges and started looking into various engineering programs. Once the acceptances started rolling in, it all became real and I started to explore where I should spend the next four years of my life. 

            In my search for the right college, I was looking for a place that I could call home. At Rutgers Admitted Students Open House, I instantly felt connected to the community. Everybody was sincerely welcoming and happy to share their experiences to help me figure out if this was where I belonged. The existing students at the time told me about the research they were conducting, internships they had completed, student organizations they joined, and all the friends they made in a diverse community of future engineers. Since that day, I was convinced that I could find a home and a family within Rutgers.

               I have zero regrets since coming to Rutgers. Choosing Rutgers has definitely been the best decision I’ve made so far. Everyone here is eager to help -- professors, advisors, and even our fellow students -- all of whom make up an incredibly helpful campus community that motivates and pushes us to achieve our goals through mentorship programs, career fairs, research opportunities, and much more. 

            Every student at Rutgers has the opportunity to explore and find a community that meets their desires. I found my communities on campus through the Society of Women Engineers and the Rutgers Taekwondo Club. I now also take immense pride in being part of a sports clubs as I’ve never been an athlete before college! Not only am I working towards my professional and academic goals, I am branching out and trying things I could have never even imagined before. 

             During my freshman year, I volunteered at Open House -- the event that drew me into Rutgers -- and it was surreal being on the other end, sharing my experiences and seeing the excitement it generated among our future scarlet knights. Over the years at Rutgers, I have not only grown as a student and a professional but I’ve also also blossomed into a cheerleader for the school that I am proud to call home. If you would like to know more about Rutgers School of Engineering ambassadors, please visit our webpage and feel free to connect with us for any questions.

By: Jillian