The New Jersey Governor's School of Engineering & Technology

The New Jersey Governor's School of Engineering & Technology at Rutgers University is an intensive residential summer program that brings together some of New Jersey's most talented and motivated high school students. Free of grades and official credit, students spend part of the summer following their junior year studying on the campus of the Rutgers University School of Engineering at no cost to their families. During the program, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with two to four students on a novel research project which will be showcased in a conference-style final paper and presentation in front of hundreds of invited guests at our research symposium.  Additionally, students will be able to participate in a variety of life-skills workshops, attend site visits to local corporations, and engage in activities that will help them connect with professors, professionals, and peers from throughout the state.

Program Details

All applicants must be nominated by their high schools. (High schools can nominate one applicant for every 325 members of their junior class. i.e. a school with 100 juniors may nominate 1 student; a school with 400 juniors may nominate 2 students; a school with 645 juniors may also nominate only 2 students). Admission to the program is very competitive. Following a competitive process at each high school in which dozens of students may express interest in attending the program, we generally receive between 300 and 400 applications from these nominees. Of the nominees, who are the best and brightest students at their respective schools, fewer than 25% generally receive offers of admission.

The Academic Program

All students take four academic courses at the Governor's School of Engineering and Technology and experience a small research and design project along with the opportunity to visit 2-3 local corporations to learn about future career prospects.

Application Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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GSET Alumni are invited back to campus for several reunion and mentoring events. Please let us know where you are and how we can contact you by completing our contact form. If you, or your company, would like to sponsor a GSET activity or project, please contact Jean Patrick Antoine .


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