Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Hola amigos, my name is Marco and my house is your house. I can’t think of a phrase that better describes living on campus. Being able to live where your friends are has left me with four years worth of exciting memories, full of movie nights, fiery mario kart competitions, late night study sessions featuring way too much food, and a list of impromptu events inspired by “what are you doing” texts, that they threaten to consume this whole post! I’m what you’d refer to as an on-campus connoisseur of sorts having lived on Busch, College Ave, and Livingston campus. Each campus comes with it’s own aura, a unique and distinctive space that separates each campus from the next. As an engineer, most of my classes take place on Busch campus, and being able to live with engineers, especially my freshman year in a Living Learning Community, where all of your neighbours take the same classes as you, was a fantastic way to transition from high school to university. Whenever I needed help with a concept from Physics or Matlab, help was always a door away.

Additionally, I didn’t realize the variety of food we had in New Brunswick until I lived on College Avenue campus my second year. Did you know that there's a place that can make milkshakes from any of its thirty plus ice cream flavours? I lived on the very top floor of Campbell hall, or as I liked to call it, the penthouse (I have a penchant for top floors) and the view looking out over the Raritan River always gave me pause in the mornings. There was always someone new to meet on College Ave; it was a melting pot of majors. However, I think my favorite place has been my senior year penthouse in the Livingston Apartments on Livingston Campus. Having the Rutgers Cinema and 16 Handles basically in your lounge is great, but the best part about my on campus apartment for me has been the kitchen in my apartment. Just last year, I didn’t really know how to make anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But, living on campus has really awakened a passion I didn’t know I had -- cooking! I’ve made everything from vegetable stir fry, to black bean burgers, to zucchini noodle shrimp pasta. So, I’m not going to say on-campus housing is what you make it, because the truth is on-campus housing makes you, and I love what it’s done with me. So come in, there’s always something new for you to experience, and tonight I tried a new recipe -- enjoy!

By: Marco