Mark Trevena ENG'18: Graduating to Work on Patriot Missile Defense System

Mark Trevena wants to make a difference in the world through engineering. So when Raytheon offered him a job working on the Patriot missile defense system, he was beyond words.

The Class of 2018 industrial and systems engineering graduate recently accepted a position as a systems engineer for the major U.S. defense contractor in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

“What Raytheon does every day is make the world a safer place, making the lives of our war fighters safer and more efficient,” Trevana said. “Raytheon is a company full of hard working, intelligent and likeminded individuals, and I cannot wait to learn, grow and develop as a man and an engineer working there.”

Trevana grew up in Monmouth County and attended high school at the Academy of Allied Health and Science in Neptune, New Jersey. He decided to attend Rutgers because he liked the campus, the student body and its close proximity to home.

“I figured it was the best balance of everything I wanted in a university,” he said.

During his time at the School of Engineering, Trevana participated in his department’s Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers chapter. Since last summer, he has conducted research under a NASA/NJ Space Grant Consortium Fellowship with Dr. James Luxhøj, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering undergraduate director.

“We explored Bayesian Belief Network modeling for risk analysis in applications of small unmanned air systems. This semester, through special problems, we conducted severity analyses on the same applications,” Trevana said. “The summer research was about reducing the likelihood of an accident from occurring, and this semester was on reducing the consequences should an accident occur.”

Trevana says his time at the School of Engineering has benefited him far beyond academics.

“I have learned invaluable skills and developed traits that will last a lifetime. I learned the value of working hard and that no matter how hard things get never quit. I learned how to work on a team effectively and solve a multitude of problems and those are skills that will always be applicable,” he said.