Kenneth Cornew

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Exelon Corporation;
President and CEO, Exelon Generation
A 30-year veteran of the electric utility industry, Mr. Cornew leads Exelon Generation, the nation’s leading competitive power generator, with owned assets totaling approximately 32,700 megawatts. With strong positions in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Texas, Exelon’s competitive advantage is its large inventory of clean-energy generation, including the nation’s largest nuclear generation fleet and a growing renewable energy business. Mr. Cornew also oversees Constellation, Exelon’s competitive retail and commodities business, which provides electricity, natural gas, and other energy-related products and services to customers in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and parts of Canada.
Prior to his current role, Mr. Cornew was CEO of Constellation. Before holding that position, Mr. Cornew was president of Exelon Power Team, overseeing the power marketing and trading function and was responsible for Exelon's retail business which served electric and gas customers.
Mr. Cornew helped to establish the company's wholesale energy marketing and trading organization, Power Team, in 1994. He was instrumental in developing and strategically organizing Power Team’s trading operation. He led the integration of the competitive retail and commodities business following the Exelon-Constellation merger in 2012, and was instrumental in the creation of Exelon through the integration of Unicom's and PECO Energy's power marketing groups and their generation and load portfolios.
Early in his career, Mr. Cornew worked in PECO's regulated retail business as a large industrial account manager in southeastern Pennsylvania. He was also an engineer at PJM Interconnection, scheduling generation and power interchange while evaluating the performance of PJM’s generation dispatch and transmission scheduling operations.
Mr. Cornew serves on the board of directors of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His other civic appointments include the board of trustees for the Living Classroom Foundation and board of directors for Steel Dynamics, Inc.
Mr. Cornew obtained a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in Business Administration from Drexel University.