K-12 Teacher Programs

The School of Engineering provides a host of engineering education programs and initiatives specifically geared to K-12 students and educators through the Rutgers University Engineering Education Initiative (E2I).

Engineering Education: High School Physics

This course affords pre-service teachers the opportunity to learn about the exciting world of engineering through hands-on investigation and link to their future classrooms through lesson development. By the end of the course, each participant will be able to give a sophisticated definition of engineering, give examples of how to apply physics content knowledge to engineering applications, and identify various ways to infuse engineering into the standard physics high school curriculum.

Rutgers University Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering

The goals of Rutgers University Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering (RU RET-E; pronounced “Are you ready?”) are to: (1) engage K-12 math and science teachers in innovative “green” engineering research during the summer, and (2) support teachers as they integrate their research experiences into their academic year classrooms. The overarching theme of the research projects is "Green Technology" with a focus on engaging our community in understanding and contributing to the Green Revolution from an engineering perspective.

Professional Development/Continuing Education for K-12 Teachers 

Through the Office of Lifelong Learning, K-12 educators have the opportunity to engage in a series of professional development workshops aimed at sharing resources and lessons that infuse engineering education into the precollege classroom. Participants will actively engage in hands-on lessons that explore the role of engineering in society. Lessons can be adapted for implementation is all precollege classrooms (from art to zoology). 

Attend a teach engineering/technology professional development workshop for professional development credit on December 5, 2015!


The goal of RU ENGAGE’d is to cultivate a community of educational excellence at Rutgers School of Engineering by supporting several community building opportunities for faculty and undergraduate students. Specifically, we aim to (1) collaborate with student organizations to inform students about the events and enhance their ability to communicate effectively with faculty; (2) support faculty who would like to integrate the research-based initiative “connection class” into several 100- and 200-level engineering classes; host working groups for faculty that would like to share best practices and hear about research-based time effective tips to improve faculty-student interaction; and sponsor fun, informal events for faculty and students. This effort is made possible thanks to the ENGAGE: Engaging Students in Engineering project funded by the National Science Foundation.