The Impact of Senior Design

Having gone through a traumatic injury in the past, I understand how long and tiresome the recovery process can be. In fact, 79% of patients do not adhere to their recovery plan of care, due to the distances to the doctor's office, detrimentally high costs, or disinterest. Many times, I dreamed of a smart, engaging rehabilitation system that physical therapy patients could use at home, with doctors being able to remotely analyze patient progress and make recommendations. For the past two semesters, I have worked on making this dream into a reality while designing my Industrial and Systems Engineering Senior Design Project. This resulted in SPARTA, Smart Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy Anywhere.

My Senior Design team (Tori, Sam, Sara, and I) created an at-home Physical Therapy system consisting of a video game that has patients perform typical physical therapy exercises in an interactive platform, and a comprehensive data dashboard, that allows doctors to see highlights and recommendations based on each session’s knee angle data. To collect the patient’s knee movement data, we utilized a Microsoft Kinect camera and to create our interactive game, we used Unity software with custom C# script. The doctor dashboard was designed in Tableau, and validated by two Physical Therapists. 

Throughout this process, I learned so much more than the technical aspects of the project. I learned more about my abilities and capacity to push myself and the power of being a part of a team. If you want to see what I made in person, you can test my project out during the Industrial Engineering tours!

- Priti, ISE '20