I chose Rutgers... twice!

Being exposed to a new culture and starting a whole new life in a new country was overwhelming. I transferred to Rutgers in 2018 and it might sound cliche, but it was not as difficult as I expected it to be: Rutgers made it easier for me. I had many options for engineering clubs and endless opportunities to get involved. Since day one, my main goal was to obtain my Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, little did I know that this goal would shift into something even bigger.

After a year of classes, involvement in the Society of Hispanic Engineers and as an advocate for the ECE Department, I learned about more and different opportunities to boost my education. I heard about the option to get a minor in a different field other than engineering, about getting a dual degree or a double major and about the 4+1 BS/Masters Combined Program. This last one caught my attention since that meant that I would stay more time at Rutgers to get my master’s degree. I also had that need to keep gaining more technical skills. After 2 years at Rutgers, I was not ready to leave yet. Rutgers had a special place in my heart, I joined different communities and there were more experiences I still wanted to be part of. Moreover, I got advice from one of my ECE professors, Hana Godrich, and obtained more information about this program. As a result of this, I decided to apply. It was an easy process and I was able to take some graduate classes as an undergraduate student! In 2020, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and by that time, I already had 12 credits to be transferred for my master’s degree. These advanced courses gave me the skills to land my dream internship at Intel Corporation and get more relevant work experience.
Even though I had different goals when I started my education, these expectations changed and became bigger when I got to learn about the opportunities that I was offered at Rutgers. I finished my bachelor’s in 2020 and now I am on track to finish my masters in 2022! I not only chose Rutgers once, but twice! I didn’t expect to feel part of a diverse community, get a lot of support and work in my dream companies. Rutgers gave me that. Now, as a master’s student, I am grateful for all the opportunities and resources Rutgers provided me to become a passionate and competitive engineer ready to help improve people’s lives and inspire others.
-Angie ECE BS ‘20, MS ‘22