How Rutgers School of Engineering Helped Me Prepare For the Real World

It blows my mind to think that in just a few short months I'll be graduating college and living life in the "real world". Whenever this thought starts to daunt me, I think back to all of the lessons that I've learned at Rutgers over the past four years. 

A few things I definitely had to learn the hard way. For instance, when I failed my very first exam freshman year, I was devastated and questioned myself whether I was cut out for engineering. However, my friends, classmates, and professors helped me realize that it's ok if I'm not the master of every subject - in fact, it's normal for most people, including the most successful engineers. This situation taught me to persevere. As long as I didn't lose sight of the end goal and have my passion drive me forward, that's all that matters.

Other times I learned valuable insight just by observing my peers and following in their footsteps. Through the Society of Women Engineers(SWE) organization I met several of my mentors. Regardless of whether or not we studied the same major, they saw my potential and always encouraged me to push my boundaries. The diverse population of successful students at Rutgers makes it incredibly easy to find amazing role models. I was fortunate enough to have my amazingers mentors inspiring me to become the best engineer that I can possibly be.

My experiences as a student at Rutgers has also given me confidence in my own abilities to learn and adapt to new situations. This thought became evident to me when I was assigned to be a part of the Android Development team during my first internship at Google. I was given the amazing opportunity to really grow and challenge myself through this project, even though I had never coded an Android App before. It was definitely overwhelming at first, because of the expectation to learn a new skill on my own with the resources I was initially given. Though, once I got into it I was surprised by how much I was able to accomplish in just one short summer. Attending a large school gave me experiences in knowing when to ask for help and how to seek additional support when needed, which are all skills I didn't realize could directly apply to working in the tech industry! 

-Atmika ECE ’21