How Math Led Me to Electrical Engineering

Before coming to college, I took an online quiz that declared that Health Administration was the best career path for me, based on my prior interest and experiences. So, I started Rutgers as part of the School of Arts and Sciences with the goal of becoming a Health Administrator. I remember taking a course in Health Administration my first year and realized that I had made the wrong choice. I quickly found out that I had no passion for the industry, nor did I know what the field entailed. I relied on the phrase “fake it till you make it” to encourage me to just survive. This toxic mindset limited me from fully enjoying my college experience. I knew something had to change. 

I started to look for fields that aligned with applying concepts of math in a more complex form, as I have always had a passion for math. I did some research and went to counselors for advice and finally came to the conclusion that engineering would be a great fit for me. Before I transferred into SOE, I had the option to take the prerequisite courses required for an engineering degree to solidify my interest in the field, making the transition process seamless. When I finally made the decision to transfer, I was immediately connected with transfer advisors who walked me through the entire process and I felt supported and encouraged. I remember taking my first major class, Principles to Electrical Engineering, which is about the integration of math theories with electrical circuits and the concept of it was very fascinating to me. I absolutely fell in love with the program and the possibilities it had to offer and knew I had to declare Electrical Engineering as my major.

As I got more involved with my courses, they naturally got more challenging but the advisors were always available and very helpful in referring me to various resources, such as tutoring centers, that are offered for students which helped make my transition process easier. The constant assistance and support really helped me be excited to be a part of the School of Engineering and my department as well. I started going to the professor's office hours for extra help with my classes aside from tutoring and I began to find study groups. Contrary to other schools within Rutgers, there is a spirit of teamwork and enthusiasm for others' success within the community. I remember walking into the Electrical Engineering building to finish my work and met some of my classmates working on the same project and I was immediately welcomed to join them. This encounter led to the formation of study groups which turned the group into a friendship as well. In the end, I am very pleased with my decision to change my major and be a part of a greater community such as the School of Engineering.


- Sabbathina ECE ‘21