How I used my RU SoE network to land an internship

This past summer, I had the pleasure of interning for HRI, Inc., a company based in Pennsylvania. The project that I was working on however, was stationed in Maryland. For this project, our team was working on a Wastewater Sewage Plant ENR and Biosolids Upgrade. This internship combined various civil engineering subdisciplines, ranging from wastewater to construction, and as a Civil Engineer, this internship gave me the opportunity to experience many different facets. Some of my day to day tasks involved being out on the work site to inspect different elements and drafting up CAD plans to send to our engineering team.

I was able to obtain this internship position through my involvement on the Rutgers campus. At the School of Engineering, there are over 40+ engineering organizations in which students can get involved. I chose to be a member of the Society of Women Engineers, a social and professional organization, my freshman year.

Throughout my freshman year, I was an active member of this organization, volunteering to help out in fundraising sales and helping to organize different outreach events that we had. As a result, I was given the opportunity during my sophomore year to attend the SWE National Conference in Minnesota. Here, I was able to network and meet with various companies and even interviewed with two companies during that duration. Two weeks after the conference, I received a call from HRI, Inc with an offer to be an engineering intern for them at their Maryland site. Being an active member of various organizations on campus allowed me to form connections with various students and allowed me to receive opportunities that I would not have been able to garner otherwise. Overall, Rutgers Engineering has provided me with the resources necessary to thrive in a working environment and has given me the opportunities to land multiple internships.

-- Melissa