Engineering Honors Academy

The Rutgers School of Engineering Honors Academy is designed to challenge, inspire, and sustain a select group of highly self-motivated engineering students who demonstrate remarkable academic ability, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and a clear potential to make a difference as a leader in whatever field of engineering they pursue

While serving the community, with the goal of propelling students into a purposeful and richly rewarding future, our Honors Academy offers a unique opportunity for students to reach their full potential inside and outside the classroom. Through selective academic courses and living together in residential halls during a portion of their time as undergraduates, our scholars enjoy an environment that facilitates strong intellectual bonds and personal growth. The students are challenged with accelerated courses and have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious James J. Slade research program which culminates into a final presentation and an honors thesis. With numerous co-curricular programs the Honors Academy is designed to enrich the educational opportunities for outstanding students.

Stretch Your Mind, Broaden Your Knowledge

Honors Academy students receive instruction at an advanced level in the following areas:

  • Honors Math
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Physics Lab
  • Honors Introduction to Engineering
  • Honors Engineering  Mechanics: Statics/Dynamics

Presented from the Podium

Each semester, guest speakers include executives, alumni, and academics who share insight from industry, research, and life.

Recent Speakers/Topics

  • “Discovering Industrial Engineering” by Dr. Susan Albin
  • “Turning Dust to Gold” by Dr. Haym Benaroya
  • “Developing a Base on Mars” by Dr. Peter Strom
  • “The World of Consulting as an Engineer” by Tom Persby
  • “Social Entrepreneurship” by Mike Grandinetti              

Finding Your Place in the World

Being part of a distinctive community, Honors Academy scholars participate in activities that help them become critical thinkers, have access to deans, faculty, and alumni through events and programs, and acquire the tools to discover their future.

  • Honors Academy Book Club
  • Table Talk with Deans and Faculty
  • Industry Mentorship
  • First Year Mentorship

Admission to the Honors Academy

To participate in the Honors Academy students must meet certain academic requirements, including competitive SAT scores.  Admission is based on a holistic selection process administered by Rutgers Admissions which takes into account the students SAT, GPA, AP courses, and other points, as well as what is required to be enrolled into Honors courses in the Fall.

Honors Coursework

Honors Students have several different course requirements in the first two years, particularly in math and science. Click here to see a listing of honors requirements.

During the first year of the undergraduate program, students register for the Honors Calculus sequence, Honors Physics and Laboratory, Exposition and Argument, and Honors Introduction to Engineering. Students are expected to achieve a "B" or better in each of the Honors courses to continue their registration in the program. Honors Pre-requisite Chart

During the second year, students will register for the second year Honors Calculus course, Honors Physics, and Honors Mechanics.

Honors Housing

Engineering honors students have the opportunity to participate in a residential living option within designated housing in the Barr residence hall during the first year on the Busch campus.  Second year and beyond students have the chance to live in reserved Honors housing. 


Rutgers Engineering Honors Council

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