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As an advocate of student academic excellence and leadership, the School of Engineering caters to the honors community through various student establishments. The Honors Academy and Honors College programs select exceptional incoming undergraduates and present them with opportunities to take challenging courses while fostering community among selectees through exclusive orientation courses and housing programs. Upperclassmen who have maintained academic standards are inducted into nationally-recognized engineering honor societies.

The Rutgers Engineering Honors Council (REHC) is composed of Honors Academy and Honors College representatives and honor society presidents to provide a uniform voice to all sectors of the honors community in the School of Engineering. Honor students find unique opportunities to be mentored by industry professionals, engage with successful alumni, and exchange talents with their peers. 

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Every September, a cohort of brilliant, high-achieving students begin their first year in the School of Engineering eager to engage in research, internship positions, and leadership opportunities. The goal of the FMP is to support students’ aspirations by setting up each first-year honors academy student to be mentored by a junior or senior honor student. This allows mentees to learn from the experiences of upperclassmen regarding how to join a professor’s research lab, craft a winning resume, lead a student organization, develop a professional network and more. Throughout the Fall semester, mentors and mentees meet one-on-one to discuss personal topics, attend seminars, and enjoy each other’s company in social events.

This unique partnership between School of Engineering honors students and professionals from a wide range of industries affords valuable counseling opportunities for students to jumpstart their future careers. The goal of the IMP is to provide the top engineering students an opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and industry experience by pairing students with experienced engineering professionals. Some mentors are alumni from the Rutgers Engineering Society (RES) ready to provide students with insight into how to make the most of the resources found right here at Rutgers. Mentees will meet with their mentors in one-on-one sessions throughout the Spring semester to discuss topics such as career guidance, networking tips, interviewing skills and office etiquette. Our mentors come from fields such as pharmaceutics, telecom, finance, consulting, IT and more.

Throughout the academic year, REHC hosts seminars for honors engineering students to learn from the experiences of Rutgers alumni and or successful professionals. Past speakers have discussed management of international businesses, presented on social entrepreneurship, and shared about the future of space travel. In addition, REHC invites local representatives from the Center for Global Education and the Aresty Research Center to share about study abroad and research opportunities for student development.

Each semester, this program hosts philanthropy events to strengthen the honors community while working together for the greater good. REHC will be looking for Rutgers organizations to sponsor the events with, expanding the audience and participants. We look to give back to organizations such as Elijah's Promise in New Brunswick.

For more information on any of these programs and potential opportunities for the honors engineering community, please contact us at Watch the video below for a quick overview of the organization!