GSET 2014 Acceptance

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CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Governor's School! We're very excited to have you join us this summer! From June 30th-July 26th, you'll work really hard, but you'll learn many amazing things, meet lots of people who are very smart (yet much more normal than you'd expect), and have a great time. We have a number of classes, small group research projects, trips, guest speakers, and exciting activities lined up for you. You'll be living in the dorms at Rutgers along with a team of Residential Teaching Associates, all of whom are college engineering students. You will receive an email in early May with much more logistical and academic information. Before that, we need 2 things from you:

A) You need to fill out and submit the form below as soon as possible---absolutely no later than APRIL 12th, 2013--- since we need to let wait-listed students know their status.

B) You need to make sure your parents follow the instructions and submit the information requested on the information page for parents by April 12th, 2013.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jean Patrick Antoine, the Gov School Program Assistant Director, via e-mail at or by telephone at 848-445-4753.