Getting Fit and Outdoorsy at Rutgers

Hi! My name is Katie Sun and I am a senior majoring in Materials Science Engineering at Rutgers University. When I first arrived at Rutgers, I was unfit and unmotivated to exercise. However, Rutgers offers its students a broad range of free fitness classes at various recreation centers across campuses. This includes yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Barree, Spinning, Grit, and RUFIT Strength, and much more -- all of which got me super involved in making a commitment to exercise during the week. Over the years, I have also become an avid runner, rock climber, hiker, and yoga student as I developed a great interest in the outdoors.

Aside from the fitness activities, I also love challenging myself to new things! Rutgers students and staff have access to other very reasonably priced classes, trips, and outdoor experiences which are immensely fun. Of this, I personally became involved with underwater basket weaving, tree climbing in the Livingston preserve, sunset kayaking on the Raritan River, and the Tower Jump off a 10 meter platform in the Werblin Recreation Center. I also frequent the rock climbing wall at the College Ave gym several times during the week. 

For the more outdoorsy pursuits, Livingston campus also has a Livingston Nature Preserve which has numerous hiking trails and trees to climb! Besides this, Johnson Park near Busch Campus has the perfect spots for running, fishing, and a petting zoo! The Cook Farms also offer petting of farm animals and purchases of Rutgers cultivated vegetables, meat, and animal products as part of a quick visit to the Rutgers Gardens. 

Additionally, Rutgers offers plentiful chances for students to get outdoors with its Rutgers Outdoors Club. I have recently become part of this club and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to be more involved. As of late, I have participated in RU Muddy (pictured below), a 5K Mud Run through the Livingston Preserve full of obstacles through the trails. I did this with a group of amazing people that I am so thankful to have met through my college engineering experiences through classes, friends, and my role as a Resident Assistant. 

This run was a lot of fun even though we were freezing when we took this photo because it was windy and we were drenched in mud in below 50 degrees temperature. Sadly, I didn’t get to finish the race that day as I sprained my ankle at one of the obstacles, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself regardless. My friends even threw mud at my face to make sure I didn’t feel left out! It was an amazing experience and one I can happily say was only available to me through myriad opportunities offered by Rutgers! 

To explore your extracurricular interests at Rutgers, visit getINVOLVED to find the organizations that appeal to your interests or check out our fitness classes schedule today!