First Year Mentoring

First Year Peer Mentoring Program

The First Year Peer Mentoring Program for incoming students (non-transfers) was started for the Spring 2018 semester.  Peer mentors are all volunteer mentors who must interview and qualify for the position.  All peer mentors must undergo a 1-day training session at the beginning of the semester.  Students who wish to be paired with a mentor must apply at the beginning of the semester.

The first group of peer mentors, picture above are:  Kimberly Avelar, Madison Pepe, Wendy Weng, Leo Chiaet, Thomas Pham, Tin Weng Tang, Azia Kapadia, Anthony Merheb, Nga Man Cheng, Asmaa Hasan, Tajim Ahamed, Hariharan Vijaykumar, Tiffany Yang, Hossain, Ahmad, Raymond Martin, Priyanka George, Jung Park, Yuan Cheng, Sophie Xing, William Xu, Vancha Verma, David Paulin, Taniya Arora, Sarah Hassanein, Sheri Elsaker.  Not pictured: Shah Bano, Merve Pekdimer, Ruchita Sinha.

Peer mentors and their mentees are required to attend social events throughout the semester, and attend a closing event at the end of the semester.

Peer Mentee Appliation will be sent out to the students who answered yes to the question "are you interested in a Peer Mentor?" on the registration form.