First Year Integration Program

About Us

The First Year Integration Program is open to all incoming first-year students enrolled in the School of Engineering. It is designed as a peer-to-peer mentoring program that helps new students acclimate to a college setting through social events, study sessions, and academic advising. Any first-year student that wishes to participate must apply to get a mentor at the beginning of the semester. Click here to learn more: First Year Integration Promotion Video

All peer mentors are volunteers that are interviewed and trained for the position. They can help mentees with a multitude of situations from class registration to getting involved in a club. Mentorship includes connecting with many upperclassmen who have experienced the same scenarios and offer guidance from first-hand experiences apart from advisors and deans. 

Study Sessions are designed to help and prep for new testing environments like midterm and final examinations in core classes like Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Statics. They also double up as sessions to learn about academic advising tools such as Degree Navigator and WebReg. 

2022 Summer Squads

We will be placing all First Year student into an Engineering Summer Squad. You will be expected to attend 2 virtual meetings in July and August (once/month).  During these squad meetings, we will cover time-critical information and address any questions you might have.  You will get matched with a Summer Engineering Transition Leader who is an continuing student in Engineering. 

Our goals:

1) Help incoming students feel connected to an upperclassmen and other first-year peers (summer squad) 
2) provide time-critical information about getting started at Rutgers Engineering in the fall 
3) Ultimately, encourage the students to feel they will find 19 familiar faces in their dorms, classes, or events at the start of the fall semester.


Event Descriptions

Study Jams

Study Jams are a great opportunity for first-year students to work with one another through practice exams, additional practice problems, and have fun getting to know each other in the process! Study Jams will be open to all first-year students and will not be course-specific. Grab your friends and prepare for your Calculus, Physics, Statics, Chemistry, and/or Intro to Computers exams all in one night!
*Disclaimer: Only Study Jams are open to all first-year students, all other events are for mentors and mentees that are a part of the First Year Integration Program.

Career Readiness Workshops

These workshops are intended to be a first step in career-readiness. Mentors will be available for resume reviews, mock-interviews, and general advice regarding application/interview processes. These workshops allow first-years to feel prepared and confident to approach recruiters. 


Mixers provide FYI mentors and their mentees a space to get to know one another and learn about the upcoming events that will be hosted by FYI. One of the main goals of the program is to bridge the gap between new and experienced engineering students through sharing stories and advice.  

Seasonal Activities/ Destress Events

Seasonal Activity/Destress Events are a good way for first-year mentees to interact with other mentees and mentors while doing fun activities in order to forget about the stress that comes with college and exams.

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