Favorite Class: Stress Management

My name is Akshay Malavade and I am currently a junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and pursuing a minor in Economics. My favorite class at Rutgers is interestingly enough not a course which was a part of my curriculum for ISE or Economics. The course was titled "The Psychophysiology of Stress Management: How to Do It and Why it Works." 

The professor who taught the course focused on utilizing various stress relieving techniques and its effects on the central nervous system. Many times we would practice these stress relieving techniques in class, which helped me learn skills that I could apply to my life in and outside of school. The results from these techniques were surprisingly effective and one could feel its impact almost instantaneously. 

This class was a Byrne seminar that was offered by the School of Arts and Sciences, and was a deviation from the normal courses that are part of my curriculum. Any Rutgers students can take the Byrne seminars and earn one credit for in a Pass or Fail grading system. 

Being a large university, Rutgers offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of multi-disciplinary courses that help expand your horizons beyond your selected field of study while also allowing you to tap into more than a few intellectual and recreational interests. I would most definitely recommend students to take a course outside of their curriculum and gain an understanding of a new and interesting subject.

By: Akshay