Events on campus

When at Rutgers, there is always so much to do. There's never a dull moment! As a graduating senior, looking back at all the events on campus, I have done so many memorable things that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Rutgers Recreation hosts many events every year that varies in scale. One of the most exciting ones I've attended, hosted by Rutgers Recreation, was called  Jack the Record. At this event, 793 others and I helped Rutgers break the Guinness World Record for the most people performing body-building poses simultaneously. Other exciting events held by Rutgers Recreation include the annual RU Muddy mud run held through the Livingston Campus ecological preserve. Another one I highly enjoyed was the Underwater Basket Weaving event at which I wove a basket underwater in one of the 3 pools at Werblin Recreation Center on Busch Campus. The most terrifying one I attended was the Tower Jump where you jump from 10 meters into the Olympic-size pool at Werblin. There are also off-campus events for which transportation is provided such as hiking in the Delaware Water Gap and kayaking on the Raritan. 

Another organization that hosts events on campus is the Rutgers University Programming Association, also known as RUPA. They host a semesterly concert series where I was able to see artists such as Khalid, Cheat Codes, Snail Mail, Young the Giant, and more. I was able to take part in Hot Dog Day, which is an annual event in the spring where there are inflatables, a zip-line, games, and free hot dogs. Another memorable event is the Back to the Banks celebration where they also have inflatables, free food, and my favorite- puppy yoga! They also have cultural events throughout the year, my favorite one so far being a Steel Pan workshop. They host Scarlet Day of Service during which students are able to volunteer in the nearby community. 

There are lots of engineering related events as well! During the spring, there is a week called Engineering Week, also known as E-week, during which different type of outreach and engineering events occur. During the annual Cardboard Canoe Races, I built a canoe and raced across the pool in Werblin and won second place with my team! Events also occur within the individual engineering majors. As a Materials Science and Engineering major, there are many events that occur throughout the year that range from a Halloween get-together, Holiday party, game day, and more. These events are great social gathering to get to know both other students and faculty within the major. 

Lastly, the department of Leadership and Experiential Learning hosts the annual MARK conference during which there are inspirational guest speakers and interactive events that showcase those who had made their mark. It was an emotional and inspirational event. Another event that is similar is the TEDxRutgers conference that occurs in the spring as well. It features professional as well as student speakers. 

There are so many events on campus, I have not been able to attend everything Rutgers has to offer. There are concerts and recitals held by the Theater, Dance, and Musical Groups of Livingston and Douglass; there are annual events like Bed Races and Dance Marathon where we raise money for charities; there are almost daily club meetings; there are also many sporting events for all of Rutgers great teams; and so much more. With so much to do, I will miss Rutgers greatly upon graduation but I know that my college experience has been memorable because of all the events I've been able to attend and am glad I originally chose Rutgers as my home.


- By Katie, MSE 2020