NCS: Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop

October 25, 2013

NCS: Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop
CoRE Auditorium – Busch Campus
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

The Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter (NCS) Workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia, industry and national laboratories in the region for a highly interdisciplinary meeting in an informal setting, to exchange ideas and foster collaborations. The meeting will host a mix of invited talks, short presentations, and networking time. For registration please visit

Invited speakers
Lou Kondic, NJIT Statics and Dynamics of Force Networks in Dense Particulate Systems

Thomas Cubaud, Stony Brook University High-Viscosity Multiphase Flows in Microchannels

Troy Shinbrot, Rutgers University New and Unexplained Powdered Materials Effects

Cliff Brangwynne Princeton University RNA/Protein Droplets, Nuclear Actin, and Gravity

Anson Ma, University of Connecticut, The Microstructure and Rheology of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions

Manoj Chaudhury Lehigh University, Pattern Formation in Soft Elastic Films and Methods to Enhance Adhesion

Antonio Checco Brookhaven National Laboratory, Breakdown of Superhydrophobicity of Nanotextured Surfaces