Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Virtual Seminar

September 15, 2020
September 15, 2020
Presenter: Dr. Matteo Cavalleri 
                  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.    
Topic: "Writing Tips For Your Next Research Article" 
Time: Noon - 1:00 pm
WebEx Meeting: 120 214 7866
Session Password: sHZvmk62DA2
Abstract: An academic article is often regarded just as an archival device for storing a completed research program. Actually, a successful paper is also the blueprint for planning your research in progress. We will discuss how to write articles that not only successfully navigate the peer-review process, but are also discovered, read, cited, and make an impact in the research community.
Biography: Matteo (@physicsteo on twitter) studied Chemistry at the University of Milan (Italy) and University of Valencia (Spain) before obtaining his Ph.D. in the Quantum Chemistry group of the Physics Department at Stockholm University (Sweden). After a 3 years’ experience at the Theory Department of the Fritz-Haber-Institut in Berlin (Germany) as an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral research fellow, he joined Wiley in August 2008 as a Peer-Review Editor of physica status solidi. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Int. Journal of Quantum Chemistry from October 2011 until April 2020. Matteo is now the US Publisher of the Materials Science and Physics group of Wiley, overseeing the operations of the US-based journals in those areas.
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