Biomedical Engineering Special Seminar

November 30, 2017
November 30, 2017
Speaker: Scott Holland, Ph.D.
                 University of Cincinnati
Title: Noninvasive Approaches to Mapping Functional Brain Networks Supporting Language Development and Neuroplasticity in Children
Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Location: Biomedical Engineering Auditorium
Dr. Scott K. Holland is a Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Neuroscience and Physics at University of Cincinnati (1994-2017), and Tecklenburg Family Chair of Pediatric Literacy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (2013-2017).  A physicist by training, he received his B.S. degree (1980) in Physics from Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA. and M.S. (1982) and Ph.D. (1985) degrees in Applied Physics from Yale University. He completed post-doctoral research in signal processing at Stanford Research Institute (1985-86) and in MRI Yale University (1987-88).  He is the founding director of the Imaging Research Center (1994) as well as the Communication Sciences Research Center (2009) and the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center (2013) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
Dr. Holland’s research currently focuses on neuroimaging applications of MRI, MEG and EEG methods; including perfusion MRI, functional MRI, and image processing methods, to study the neural circuitry of hearing, language, speech and reading capabilities through childhood. His work in adolescent and adult populations extends to studies of bipolar disorder, stroke and epilepsy; examining the interaction of neural circuitry with language, cognitive and emotional behavior as well as the impact that interventions can have on brain structure, function and outcome. His discoveries regarding changes in brain activity and connectivity during typical childhood development and under the influence of neurological disorders have been influential in our understanding of neuroplasticity and reorganization of the brain in response to injury.
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