Biomedical Engineering Special Seminar

October 25, 2017
October 25, 2017
Speaker: Mark Zimmerman, Ph.D.
                  ViaCyte, Inc. 
Title: Developing Cell Therapies for Diabetes   
Location: Biomedical Engineering, Room 122
Time: 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm
ViaCyte’s product candidates are based on the directed differentiation of pancreatic progenitor cells from human pluripotent stem cells. These pancreatic progenitor cells are implanted in a durable and retrievable encapsulation device. Once implanted, these cells are designed to further mature to the pancreatic endocrine cells, including beta cells, which secrete insulin and other regulatory factors in response to blood glucose levels. ViaCyte has two products in development. The PEC-Direct™ product candidate delivers the pancreatic progenitor cells in a non-immunoprotective device and is being developed for type 1 diabetes patients that have severe hypoglycemic episodes, extreme glycemic lability, and/or impaired hypoglycemia awareness. The PEC-Encap™ (also known as VC-01) product candidate delivers pancreatic progenitor cells in an immunoprotective device and is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1/2 trial in patients with type 1 diabetes who have minimal to no insulin-producing beta cell function.  
This presentation will describe first-hand experience with the challenges and progress in developing pluripotent stem cell-derived products, including manufacturing and quality control, methods of delivery, clinical trials, and market opportunities.  
Dr. Zimmerman, a leader in diabetes and regenerative medicine for over two decades, is responsible for operations and business development at ViaCyte. He is seconded to ViaCyte, after Johnson and Johnson and ViaCyte agreed to merge the assets of BetaLogics, a business unit of Janssen R&D LLC, into ViaCyte. Like ViaCyte, the mission of BetaLogics was to discover and develop a cellular product to treat diabetes. Zimmerman was appointed Executive Director of BetaLogics in 2002, and Venture Leader/Vice President of BetaLogics in 2009. Before the establishment of BetaLogics, Dr. Zimmerman was a Principal Scientist and Group Leader at Johnson and Johnson heading up regenerative medicine projects related to orthopedic surgery, wound healing, vascular biology, and diabetes. Prior to Johnson and Johnson, Zimmerman was an Associate Professor of Surgery at UMD-New Jersey Medical School. He received his B.S. in Biology from Syracuse University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Rutgers University.
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