Abdelfattah Zebib Memorial Lecture - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

September 20, 2017
September 20, 2017
Speaker: Siva Thangam, Ph.D.
                 Stevens Institute of Technology
Title: Modeling Turbulence in Complex Flows
Location: Easton Hub Auditorium
                  Fiber Optics
Time: 3:30 pm
Abstract: Modeling of turbulent flows is more commonly achieved through Reynolds stress closure using intuitive approximations or by physical analogy. In such cases, turbulence is often assumed to be characterized by a single length and time scale, whereas, in practice, turbulence is excited by a wide range of length and time scales. Despite the limitations Reynolds stress models based on single-point closure are extremely useful and probably the only possibility for large-scale computations of complex flow systems. In this presentation, the development of anisotropic two-equation models for Reynolds stress based on the modification of the energy spectrum to account for the complexities in the flow will be described. The resulting generalized two-equation turbulence model is validated for several benchmark turbulent flows with swirl and curvature. An overview of ongoing experimental and computational investigations will be provided.
Abdelfattah Zebib, Ph.D.
1946 - 2009
Professor Zebib joined Rutgers University in January 1977, after his doctoral and post-doctoral work at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. He was a distinguished researcher in fluid mechanics, a field to which he made many seminal contributions. He was a true scholar and had extensive collaborations with researchers from around the world in areas such as microgravity flows, instability, and buoyancy-driven flows. He also spent a sabbatical at Stanford University and interacted extensively with Bell Labs on cooling of electronic systems. He was active in the Fluid Dynamics Division of the American Physical Society (APS). He was a Fellow of APS, a distinction bestowed on only a select few. As an academic, Professor Zebib wrote and lectured extensively. He guided the research of a large number of doctoral students. Abdel also served extensively in administration. He was the Chairman of the Department from 1989 to 2000, and was the Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering from 2000-08. As Chairman, his influence lives on in the many young faculty members he recruited and in the research and academic standards he nurtured. As Deputy Dean, he was responsible for a wide array of duties and had a very substantial impact on the School. In November 2009, the department dedicated the MAE Computer Laboratory for Analysis and Design (CoLAD) to Professor Abdel Zebib, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the department and his leadership and vision over many years.
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