Diverse Engineers’ Impact on the Rugers Community

I have met many people during my time at Rutgers. These people are from all over the world and from many different walks of life. Rutgers has always been a place of diversity where many of my classmates within the School of Engineering are first-generation Americans, like myself, or have deeper American ties. To me, Rutgers is a place where I am fortunate enough to witness other cultures often and am also allowed to share my own heritage too.

I currently live off-campus with seven other housemates, and it's almost like a microcosm of the Rutgers community; our group is a prime example of the diverse study body.  Our group consists of various majors ranging from engineering to nursing to even Information Technology and Informatics(ITI).  We come from all over New Jersey, and one of us is an international student from Nigeria. Six out of eight of us are first-generation Americans. My housemates and I always cook dinner with recipes we have learned from our moms that represent our heritage, so we constantly have flavors of home, and share stories behind the meals we have. It is like a small glimpse of what their experience was like growing up. We play music in our native languages and share jokes, and I'm even practicing Spanish with one of my housemates in exchange for teaching him Serbian.

Experiencing the sheer volume of diversity at Rutgers has always been a memorable and essential part of my college experience. It has definitely impacted me in a more profound way than any other aspect of my time here, and I'm eager to meet more people and make new connections that last a lifetime.

-Milos ECE ’22