College Commuting Made Easy

Rutgers is a big school. With total enrollment surpassing 60,000, it may be surprising to hear just how many students commute to our three campuses every morning. Over 56% of Rutgers students commute or live off campus. While the number may sound overwhelming to our new college commuters, Rutgers offers various resources to simplify your life. 

From navigating your way through the Rutgers University Department of Transportation Services (RUDOTS) website to physically navigating your way into your assigned lot each day, the process can seem a bit daunting at first. As a commuter, I had similar concerns when I first joined Rutgers. However, RUDOTS works rigorously to improve the everyday commuter experience to help minimize the challenges associated with parking on the sprawling Rutgers campuses.   

For those using NJTransit buses and/or trains, Rutgers offers a discount for monthly passes which can be registered online. If you drive, accidents do happen! Having to refill or change a tire may seem unnerving at first, but if you have not done this before or need to jump start your car on campus, you can contact RUPD for help. They will be available to facilitate you with various types of car issues and make sure you are able to get home safely.

With a plethora of clubs on campus, Rutgers also has one especially for commuters! Known as the Rutgers Commuter Student Association (RCSA), this organization strives to make the lives of commuters easier and helps plan social events that allow college commuter to mingle. Since commuters spend part of the day out and about on the roadways or rails, RCSA events cater to our unique needs and concerns. As a former member of the organization, I can say that the group strives to make life for commuters easier, from operating two lounges, one in the Busch Student Center and one in the Douglass Student Center, to offering amenities in those lounges like microwaves, refrigerators, computers and a general space to relax or nap in if needed. 

For me personally, this group was my first family on campus. They were my motivation to get  involved in other organizations on campus and the people there were an inspiration of what a small group of people could do when we all work towards a common cause. Commuting can be difficult. It can be tiring and awkward at times but it lends itself to some potentially great experiences on and off campus with all the potential people you can meet even going through the daily motions.

Check out the following link to explore the facilities available for commuting students:

By: Albert