Check Your Emails Frequently Engineers

Hello everyone! My name is Margaret, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering and an out-of-state transfer student. Before transferring to Rutgers, I was a biology major looking to focus my degree on biomedical engineering. I knew I wanted to shift my concentration, but I had no idea what university I wanted to continue my education at. I began my exploration, following the same path that most students take when they are a little lost; I began my search on Google. I spent hours googling “top universities for engineering”, “top universities for biomedical engineering”, “universities with the highest research expenditure”, and my personal favorite binge search “universities that truly have it all.” I saw a vast multitude of college names during my search, but I did not see any repetitive patterns in school names. I still did not know exactly where I wanted to study, so I began applying to a variety of schools: Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Yale, and University of Maryland. I finished up my applications a few weeks early so I could focus my attention on finals.

One afternoon, as I scanned through my emails, procrastinating, I found an email I had never opened from the Rutgers University Admissions Office. It was a personal email that incorporated the statistics of the school, as well as a few personal stories from current students. I quickly googled “Rutgers University” and found myself once again on a google search binge. However, this time it was different. I enjoyed learning about the school, the programs, the clubs, the research, the student life, the athletic teams, and the School of Engineering, etc. The school seemed so large, yet well organized. It didn’t take much time until I was once again filling out a college application. I emailed my professors and asked again for letters of recommendations. None seemed to mind the additional letter, as they had written many for my undecided mind in the weeks previous. The only peculiar email I received in response to my request was from my anatomy professor. She agreed to my additional letter request with excitement and signed her email “Proud Rutgers Alum.”

In the following weeks, I received acceptance letters and attended open house seminars for admitted students. As soon as I drove onto campus, I knew I wanted to study at Rutgers. There was such an immense sense of community and acceptance, that I did not experience at any other college visit. The student body at Rutgers is so diverse and the school is so large that it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to find a home here. I accepted my Rutgers School of Engineering admissions request as soon as I could access a computer. I haven’t looked back since moving to New Jersey in Fall 2016. Every day I’m grateful to be a scarlet knight! I also check my emails more frequently nowadays, because you never know when fate could email you!

By: Maggie