Battle of the Majors 2021

Battle of the Majors!

2021 Engineers Week Competition!

Earn points for your department by attending National Engineers Week (EWeek) events. All attendance points are counted after each event and the total points are tallied at the end of the week. Most Spirited Department will be announced Friday, February 26, 2021, after the Epic Escape Room event. 


For each event, the distribution of points will be based upon the percentage of each major that attends and/or participates. Since there are ten categories of engineering majors, the highest number of points a major will receive for one event is 10 points. The points will decrease consecutively from there. Ex: There are 10 categories for majors/departments. The departments that are the most represented at each event will be ranked and awarded points accordingly. The one who is represented the most will get 10 and the one who is represented the least will get 1. No representation will equal 0.

To Participate:
  • Students, faculty, staff, and alumni can all contribute points to their department!
  • Look for the QR code/google form link and enter your name, department, society, and RUID 
  • Attendees for events will receive points (i.e. coming to bingo/game night or participating in the escape room)
  • Volunteers for all the events will be counted as double the points.
  • Pep Squad members attending events will be counted as double the points.
  • If you are a participant in the Interns Present, you will earn double the points.
  • Faculty, staff, and alumni attending events will all earn double the points.